Slydigs for #rockfueled sessions

Meet the first band performing on our exclusive moving stage - 100% pure Rock 'n' Roll.

About the band

Slydigs are a four piece Rock 'n' Roll band from the North West of England, who pride themselves on bringing a fierce modern edge to a classic Rock 'n' Roll sound.

Dean, Louis, Peter & Ben are school friends that grew up together in the industrial wastelands between the cities of Manchester & Liverpool. For them, forming a Rock 'n' Roll band was the perfect way to express their mutual obsession with music and escape their pre-ordained futures in the factories and building sites of the Northwest suburbs. Last year, the band released their highly anticipated EP ‘How Animal Are You?’ to rave reviews before their tour in UK and Europe.

The ‘How Animal Are You’ EP is a collection of songs written at an extraordinary moment in the band's career, which has seen them catapulted from the daily grind of working class life in their hometown of Warrington to touring the world with the likes of The Who and Vintage Trouble

Slydigs are set to return to the studio once again to record their up-coming EP, which is due to be released later this year.

Members: Dean Fairhurst (Vocals, Guitar), Louis Menguy (Lead Guitar), Pete Fleming (Drums), Ben Breslin (Bass)


Being #rockfueled isn’t just a motto: that’s why we prepared six special sessions airing directly from a Jeep Compass, performed on the most iconic roads of London, by the new blood of rock in Europe.